What readers are saying...

I felt inspired by Heal my Soul and it gave me peace of mind knowing I was not alone. Having the inspirational quote everyday kept me going! I loved that it was simple and only took a little time allowing me to really take it in and focus. This is for everyone…if you are going through a divorce, recently divorced or have been divorced for years it is perfect for healing. So grateful that I had the opportunity to read this book!

Kim M.

I’m on Day 13, and I had to stop and tell you how wonderful this book is. The wisdom, guidance and spirituality contained herein truly illuminates a person’s soul.

Janice K.

As I reviewed your book today to help Julie, I started to cry. Not in a bad way. ha ha. In a totally needed to hear this way — the part about faith.

Michele S.

I am in  love with your little book. Such an amazing message, well written. 

Debbie D.